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Meet  Shaquana

As a child with asthma and outdoor allergies, the household chores were my safe haven. While I could not safely contribute with outdoor tasks on my family's land in Mobile, Alabama, I took pride in maintaining the interior of my family home as I do now as a wife and mom.

My innate ability for organizing bled into my 20+ year career as a social worker, as I guided clients during home visits through creating organizational systems with patience and empathy. This included helping them break through challenging emotional barriers to declutter and purge items that no longer served them to achieve healing.

As a professional organizer, my goal is to create a judgment-free process to help my clients achieve a sense of pride while releasing the stress and shame of an unorganized home. Whether you’re a busy parent, grieving a loss, or just need help getting started, I have the skills necessary to help you go the distance in your journey to organizational bliss.

Shaquana Banks

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